King Tubbys Meets Rockers Uptown (1976)

King Tubbys Meets Rockers Uptown  (1976)

This was my entry point into the wonderful world of dub (after I’d heard the title track on Don Lett’s superb 2001 dub/roots compilation “Dread Meets Punk Rockers Uptown”), originally released in 1976, a cracking set of dubs with King Tubby and Augustus Pablo at the controls and a fine supporting cast (with the likes of Aston “Family Man” Barrett, Earl “China” Smith and Sly & Robbie all featuring). “Rockers Uptown” was one of the albums Don Letts played to the Punks at the Roxy Club in London during 1977 and it made a huge impact on The Clash amongst others, it’s one of those albums that regardless of your taste in music should be part of your collection. Pablo’s wonderful melodica lines, Tubby’s genius with a mixing desk, a killer rhythm section, plenty of space, delay and echo, my favourite cuts are the title track, 555 Dub Street and Each One Dub but there are no weak tracks here, so many dub albums were insanely rare at the time (let alone now) due to very limited pressings, this gem is readily available so there really is no excuse, STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING… AND BUY THIS RECORD NOW…….  Not just one of the best dub albums ever made it’s one of the best albums ever made (regardless of genre).


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